Jewellery Care


Your beautiful handcrafted Entia piece should always be treated with the love and care it was made with. These simple tips will ensure a lifetime of joyful wear from your piece/s.

Wear appropriately

Most of our pieces can be worn every day but some are quite delicate and should therefore not be wornmore than on an occasional basis.
Avoid wearing Entia jewellery while

  • swimming, showering ordoing vigorous exercise
  • sleeping (especially earrings and pendants which have moving parts)
  • working in the garden (while wearing rings)

Clean regularly

We recommend a silver polishing cloth to be carefully used to clean all your Entia pieces.

The use of commercial silver 'dip' solutions is NOT recommended to clean your Entia piece as many porous stones as well as pearls and shell will be damaged by this solution.

You can have your local jeweller clean your items using an ionic cleaner. An ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, however, should be avoided for all Entia pieces.

Protect from tarnishing

All sterling silver jewellery will naturally tarnish over time.There are many factors which can speed up this process, therefore it is best to avoid your jewellery being exposed to:

  • moisture, humidity and sunlight (for long periods of time)
  • perfume, soap, moisturiser, makeup, shampoo & conditioner etc.
  • cleaning products such as dish washing liquid and bleach (which will likely cause irreversible damage)
  • exposure to chlorine.

The acidity (ph balance) of a person’s skin can also cause discolouration of silver. Your acidity can be affected by diet, medication and stress.

Treat and store with care

It is recommended that you avoid:

  • clapping enthusiastically with warm hands while wearing rings (this can cause the shank to be bent out of shape)
  • storing jewellery in a handbag, where free floating around with other items can cause damage
  • catching rings and pendants on anything
  • allowing contact with abrasive surfaces
  • catching claws of particular settings on clothing
  • storing jewellery in a steamy bathroom
  • putting jewellery on where, if you accidentally drop your piece of jewellery it is going to land on tiles, marble bench tops, concrete or other unforgiving surfaces.

At Entia we are committed to the quality of our beautiful handmade pieces, but we will not take responsibility for your lack of care.

If you have any further questions about the care of your jewellery, please get in touch email address